Payroll & Pension

Outsource Payroll Processing And Pension Processing:

Payroll Processing work includes data entry of timesheet, generating payslip, checking employees fall into an auto-enrolment pension scheme. It also requires frequent changes as per client requirements. Many accountancy practices feel the payroll processing task is monotonous and time-consuming.

We understand that payroll is important task in terms of accuracy as well as time, because it is going in to hands of people working at client’s place. You trust on us for both accuracy and on time service.

Outsource your Payroll Processing and Pension Processing to Accounts Bytes. Accounts Bytes helps accountancy practices by providing timesheet processing, payslips, payroll set up for the client, and another payroll administrative work like FPS, EPS submission, issue of P45, preparation of P11D, P60 and payroll year-end process.

Accounts Bytes team is proficient in all rules and regulations for payroll/pension processing, RTI filling, Auto-Enrolment Pension.

Payroll & Pension Processing Work Involves:

  • Weekly/Monthly Payroll
  • Fortnightly/ 4 weekly Payroll
  • Payroll Setup
  • Administration work of Auto-Enrollment Pension
  • CIS
  • RTI Filling at HMRC
  • Entering details of pay for all employees
  • Time sheet processing
  • Generating payslip
  • Company Setup
  • New employee Setup
  • Registration with Pension Provider
  • Setup of Pension in payroll software
  • CIS registration
  • CIS processing and filling return
  • Subcontractor payslip
  • FPS submission as per pay cycle
  • EPS submission

What you need to provide:

  • Payroll data to produce
  • Fill up our payroll checklist
  • Payroll Setup
  • Weekly/ monthly/ fortnightly/ 4 weekly basis payroll processing
  • Various detail information useful for payroll processing and payroll set up
  • Necessary information for payroll setup

Will provide you with:

  • Report Generation
  • Payroll Statutory compliance
  • Payslip
  • Employer Summary
  • Payroll Activity Summary
  • P11
  • Pension Summary
  • Issue of P45
  • Issue of P60 and filling
  • Payroll Year End process
  • P11D and P45 (car)

Software Expertise:

Our team is expertise in below common Payroll software. If you are using different software, our team will be converse with it as well with a little bit of training on it.

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