Not every accountant become business owner, but every business owner can maintain their books of accounts. If you would like to learn how you can maintain your business’s books of accounts, Accounts Bytes is providing training to small business owner and people who love to become bookkeeper and accountant.

Accounts Bytes is providing training on cloud accounting software like XERO, QuickBooks, Sage One, Free Agent and Apps based software like HubDoc, Dext (earlier known as Receipt Bank), Auto Entry.

Why you should require training for cloud accounting software?

To Avoid Making Mistakes, which Cost You

It is easy to use any cloud accounting software, but if your fundamental of accounts are not clear, if you don’t know how any accounting entry impact of ledger accounts and Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet of your business, it is very hard for you to do errorless bookkeeping and accounting. You think you are doing your bookkeeping correctly and are relying on the reports coming out of cloud accounting software like XERO, QuickBooks, Free Agent etc. Than later on you find out that you had an incorrect picture of how your business was doing or how much VAT you actually owe. If you have been making important decisions based on your data then you need to know that it must be correct. Good quality training will help you avoid these very costly mistakes.

You will be Given Confidence that You are Doing Things Correctly

Many people have worked it out themselves or work through the online tutorials, they are never 100% sure as they don’t know if they have missed something or record any transactions incorrectly. They can’t always ask follow up questions to verify their understanding with record keeping. There are so many people that we have trained and supported with bookkeeping work, now they know for sure that they are doing things correctly. Good quality training will enable you to walk away with confidence to use cloud accounting and know that you are doing things properly.

You will Get the Most from your Cloud Accounting Software

When being business owner, if you are going to use any cloud accounting software, first of all you check whether you are getting the most out of software that you have. With cloud accounting you can also get great benefits from using it like credit control, for sending quotes to customers, recording customer receipts, managing employee expenses and payroll, integrating expense enabled software liked HubDoc, Receipt Bank etc. to XERO, QuickBooks and many more. Through, Dashboard, you can keep watch on your cash flow, bank balances, money owed to you and more.

Without training, you will probably just focus on getting the main bookkeeping processes working as these are most urgent and then move onto something else in your business which is demanding your attention. However, with great training at the start it will give you an awareness of what cloud accounting can do for your business – even if you aren’t ready to implement and use everything yet.

Practical Training helps you Embed what you have Learned

All cloud accounting provide a huge range of very good tutorials and online training videos, from where you can learn software. However, some of us don’t learn very well by tutorials or online training video and prefer to be trained by professional trainer getting specific instructions on how to do things in our business, working through exercises using the system in a practical way and being able to ask questions. Practical training helps person to carry out their daily bookkeeping work, which gives confidence to them.

How we can help with training?

We are providing cloud accounting training to Small Business Owner in the UK (XERO, QuickBooks, Free Agent, Sage One etc.) Cloud Accounting training will helpful to SMEs like consultants, small retailers, IT contractors, construction industry contractor, coaching institutes and many more. We guide you to choose best training course as per your requirement.

  • We train you through different courses like – # Cloud Accounting Training (XERO, QuickBooks, Free Agent, Sage One etc.)
  • One on One – Online Training to Small Business Owner – # Small Business Owner who wants to maintain their books or want to keep eye on financial position
  • One on One – Online Training (Students who want to become bookkeeper or accountant) – # Career guidance to opt for right course to students, who are pursuing or qualified AAT, ACCA, B.Sc. Accounting, choose from below
  • Ongoing support for doubts you have while using cloud accounting software
  • Connect you with right Chartered Accountancy practices who benefits gives peace of mind for accounting and advise on best tax planning
Our training contents are as follow:
  • Setting up opening balances from previous software – conversion balance
  • Setting up chart of accounts
  • Record sales invoices, track your receivables and dues, collect money from customer through direct debit set up like Stripe, Paypal
  • Use integrated bills publishing Apps like Hud Doc, Dext, Auto Entry and publish bills in cloud accounting software
  • Prepare VAT calculations into spreadsheet, if require
  • Check proper output VAT declared / Input VAT claimed in either spreadsheet or software like XERO/QB
  • Bank feed – reconciling bank transactions
  • VAT Returns
  • Generate reports like Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  • Keep eye on your financial position with management reports and dashboard

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